Elder Jeffrey R. Holland on YouTube

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland on YouTube

Many LDS members shared their testimony and responded to questions as part of the nearly 500 comments on Elder Holland’s Youtube video posted last week. I thought you might be interested in some of the comments left by non-members, especially the first one. You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz3rggCnhxQ

“I must say, what Holland is saying her makes incredible sense and something about this video really strikes a cord with me in a way that nothing else ever has. I’ve been to many churches and have heard many sermons, and if they all use the Bible I can’t see how they all come out so different. If this Book of Mormon is indeed an addition to his word, then God sure knows what he’s doing to correct where we’ve been going wrong with Christianity.”

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  1. I absolutely loved the talk by Elder Ballard. My friend LDSNana had already convinced me to make a presence known on the Internet by talking about the church and getting the voice of a member on line.

    It has been a fun journey we started commenting on the On Faith discussion board with Michael Otterson… moved on to In The Doghouse on HubPages Hubpages, and have also been active on LDS.net.

    Just recently we have started a Blog about LDS girls called KooLDSgirZ and are hoping for some great discussion there as well.

    Showing an online LDS presence is a great way to combat the negative view that some might have of the church. It is great fun to dialog with others about the teachings of Jesus Christ and His church on this earth.

    Thanks for pointing out the positive comments and interaction that is possible to have when we open our mouths on line!

  2. Elder Holland’s new book Broken Things to Mend has just come out everyone should read this exceptionally comforting book. It is filled with encouragement and examples of how to let the Savior and his gospel heal and bless our lives. It brings the feelings of peace that no matter what happens in life the Lord is always there to help us through hard times. There are some teaser chapters on Deseretbook.com there isn’t a person anywhere that wouldn’t benefit from it in some small way.

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